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Seeded Artists Profiles

Seeded Artists Profiles

Tiffany Hough

Tiffany Hough is from Napier and is a painter, musician and dj. She was commissioned to fit out Hell’s Pizza in Greenmeadows with motifs that matches the wicked and playful image of the company and fits perfectly with her playful and savvy personality.

A very dynamic artist with bold brush strokes and lots of paint.

Pamela Tui-Airini Roy

Pamela Tui-Airini Roy, a graduate of the Quay School of Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree majoring in Photography in 2006, she won the White pages Art Award with her piece ‘The Mountain, The River and I”.

She is currently involved in The Aerosol Project, a graffitti art programme encouraging Wanganui youth to channel their creativity into murals throughout the city.

Esther Topfer

Since graduating from the Quay School of the Arts, Diploma in Glass Design and Production course in 2005, Esther is currently working towards her Fine Arts Degree in Printmaking.

She is exploring innovative ways of combining both media. Her themes are contemporary. Youth culture and feminist thinking are re-occurring themes in her work. She creates a diverse variety of both functional and sculptural works.

Elysabeth Wolter

Elysabeth Wolter is a graduate of the Quay School of Arts with a Diploma in Glass Design and Production Course.

Important features in her work are colour, light, repetition and space, combining these elements to create depth and variation.

She has an interest in holistic thinking and textiles.

Neil Buddle

Neil Buddle is a visual artist, musician and DJ. Originally hailing from the U.K, he has been marooned in New Zealand for the past 10 years . Having worked in Local Goverment Arts-Coordination for 6 years, Neil is now focussing on his own practice. Working in printmaking and assemblage, Neil's areas of investigation are currently landscape, erotica, local politics and self-sabotaging behaviour. He has a fetish for linoleum.

Thomas Cruz

Thomas Cruz, from the Galapagos Islands, is an international Year 3 BFA student at the Quay School of the Arts and is majoring in the discipline of painting.

Working on a variety of supports, Cruz works are bright and vibrational in colour, and with a unique expressive style. His works are popular with private collectors.


Red of the R1000F Studio is a printmaker with passion and exceptional ability, but also blends works through film making, sculpture and construction.

His debut with the R1000F Swarm Exhibition of 2007 was quickly followed by a solo show and is now a regular exhibitor.

Craig Watson

Craig Watson is a graduate of the Diploma of Art and Creativity from Wellington’s TLC.

As a printmaker, he has already had several commissions for book illustrations, but is also a painter with a very empathetic feel to his portrait and representational subjects, while being bold with his abstract and conceptual works.

Hamish Webster

Hamish Webster is a student doing the Diploma in Glass Design and Production at Wanganui Glass School. Working mainly in hot glass, Hamish has a bold and confident approach to form and colour in his glass works.

He is a Wanganui Incorporated Scholarship recipient from the Wanganui Glass School.

Aaron Potaka

Aaron Potaka is convener of the Wanganui National and is also exhibiting. Another student from the Quay School of the Arts and a recipient of a Maori Education Trust Scholarship, he will be showing pieces in painting and printmaking. His works too, are in private collections.

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